Plan with us the direction you want to give your professional work!


Innovative, fresh and impactful designs. In Assembly & Creations we are inspired by the latest decorative trends, betting on an avant-garde and multifunctional design. Our inspiration is at the same time our goal, to make life more pleasant and exciting.


Utility and service are two very important aspects in the art of decoration. The avant-garde aesthetic of Assembly & Creations harmonizes perfectly with a practical, efficient design that maximizes the performance of each decorative element.

We believe that a living and balanced decoration can make you change your life. That’s why we focus on solving those small details that make you savor and squeeze every moment. Decide with us how you want to live your life!


Design is the soul of decoration. In our commitment to a modern, creative and innovative design, we always incorporate a unique and personal touch. Thus, in Assembly & Creations we are experts in the creation of original and dazzling individualized designs.

Discover how we integrate your decorative tastes into the fine and sophisticated lines of our proposals and feel part of the design process of your dream home. You will see the decoration as I had never seen it before.


Do you want to know why our custom designs can accompany you throughout your life? Because we make them with premium materials of great strength and durability. And because we make them counting on you, according to your needs and according to your needs.

The warmth and emotion that decoration gives to living spaces are part of the quality of our service. Because our commitment to you is to make your life easier and more exciting.