Styling and sophistication to express oneself in the daily search for the perfect balance.


Assembly & Creations is a company specialized in the design, production and installation of furniture for luxury homes, hotels, restaurants and high-end stores. We have modern facilities and a production plant equipped with the latest technology.

Our team of highly qualified designers carries out a constant investigation of the latest trends in the market, as well as the most resistant and durable materials. Our goal is to optimize spaces to the maximum, giving them a harmony and functionality according to the satisfaction of our customers.


As professionals in the production of high-end furniture, we are constantly evolving, looking to make the most of each space of your home. We simplify the organization and disposition of each room applying practical and creative solutions, adapted to your personal needs.

By providing spacious and multifunctional environments, we facilitate the search for personal balance. The style and sophistication come together forming ideal spaces to socialize and interact with the environment.


Do you want to know why Assembly & Creations represents a new way of understanding design? Because we look beyond luxury and quality. Not only do we work with premium materials, but we also create environments with our own emotions.

Based on your personal needs and tastes, we create living spaces that harmonize with your personality and provide balance. Aesthetics and functionality merge in an avant-garde and innovative style that immerses you in a world full of emotions.


Quality is the aspect we care most in Assembly & amp; Creations. So that the most innovative ideas and the most creative designs endure over time, in our production and assembly processes we use first order materials. Thanks to the rigorous quality controls and the high level technology we use, we can guarantee that your home will exceed your expectations. And those in your trust circle.