At Assembly & Creations we understand design as the creative, innovative and functional response to your professional needs.


At Assembly & Creations we not only get inspiration from your wishes and needs, but also from a constant study and analysis of the most innovative trends in the market. Our designers team continuously seeks to optimize the spaces and make the most of the materials versatility. We are specialized in exclusive design kitchens, with a neat and dynamic aesthetic, that harmonizes with the environment and excites those who enjoy it.


At Assembly & Creations, luxury enters a new dimension. Through an innovative aesthetic and an exquisite attention to detail, we take care of creating spaces full of beauty, balance and emotion. The kitchen is one of the spaces in which the senses reach their maximum expression. Exquisite aromas and extraordinary flavors intermingle with bright, soft and resistant materials, designed to obtain maximum performance and provide an unforgettable culinary experience. Aesthetics at the service of utility.


As professionals in the design and manufacture of high-end kitchens, we specialize in creating and shaping the kitchen you have always imagined. Our team of designers is at your disposal to ensure that your kitchen meets your wishes and needs.

The most exclusive materials, the best quality of the market and a totally personalized design, come together to create an innovative space, practical and with the greatest functionality. The kitchen of your dreams will be the perfect example of an avant-garde aesthetic capable of generating a unique sensory harmony.


The functionality and the personalized design are not incompatible with the quality. For this reason we use exclusive high-end materials, resistant and durable. In our modern manufacturing facilities we work with the latest technology with a single objective: your satisfaction.

Over the design, planning, manufacturing and assembly phases, we take care of every detail with passion and dedication, always looking to innovate and improve the efficiency of your kitchen. We put all our talent into each project and integrate in it an essential component: your personal style.