Assembly & Creations is a company specialized in the design and creation of luxury commercial and residential spaces located in Galicia, land of long tradition of carpenters. Located in the province of Pontevedra, northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, Assembly & Creations was born with a philosophy of leadership and vanguard that unites tradition and modernity to create unique spaces in modern facilities with state-of-the-art machinery.

Our experience, ability to work and professionalism leads us to achieve excellence in each and every one of our projects without leaving behind the legacy of our master carpenters. We work with the spirit and passion that has always characterized us with the aim that the modernity of our work lasts over time and becomes a tradition.

The Team

We have a team of highly qualified professionals which guarantees us to be at the forefront of the development and creation of unique spaces.

Marcos Crespo,

Mª del Cristo Pérez

Administrative Department

Myriam Orellana

Interior Design Architect. Technical Department

Rafael Estévez

Interior Architect & Designer

Pablo Villaverde

Graphic Designer